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The Guardian Germany 02.10.2022 MESZ 19:04:55
Co-founder of collapsed energy firm Bulb hopes to expand battery business
Loss-making venture led by Amit Gudka eyes continent as countries move towards using renewable powerThe co-founder of collapsed energy supplier Bulb is planning to expand his loss-making battery storage venture into Europe as the energy crisis escalates.Amit Gudka hopes to develop Field Energy, the business he set up after leaving Bulb in February 2021, on the continent as countries attempt to swi (...) mehr ...

The Guardian Germany 02.10.2022 MESZ 14:49:19
‘Healing a wound’: from neglected East German relic to lauded art gallery
German billionaire restores Minsk cafe in Potsdam as showpiece of socialist realist architectureFor almost three decades it appeared to have been consigned to the scrap heap of history, a relic of East German communism considered as redundant and unsightly as the Berlin Wall and destined to fall victim to the wrecking ball.But a former terrace cafe in the city of Potsdam, just west of Berlin, is b (...) mehr ...

The Guardian Germany 01.10.2022 MESZ 18:51:02
Giorgia Meloni says she will put Italy first in tackling high energy costs
Prime minister-to-be makes first speech since Sunday’s election and after Germany refused to back a European cap on gas priceGiorgia Meloni, who is poised to become Italy’s next prime minister, has promised to put national interests first in tackling soaring energy costs as she made her first public outing since her Brothers of Italy party won the most votes in the country’s national electio (...) mehr ...

The Guardian Germany 29.09.2022 MESZ 20:37:52
Germany unveils €200bn help for consumers and says it won’t follow UK’s route
Finance minister announces €200bn fund to protect citizens from rising gas prices driven by Russia’s war in UkraineGermany’s finance minister has vowed that he will not follow the UK “down the path of an expansionary fiscal policy” as his government announced a €200bn (£177bn) fund designed to protect consumers and businesses from rising gas prices driven by Russia’s war in Ukraine. (...) mehr ...

The Guardian Germany 29.09.2022 MESZ 14:17:43
UK energy firms to assess oil rig security after Nord Stream pipeline leak
MI5, Royal Navy and RAF could be called upon to provide support for industry if situation escalatesBritish authorities are taking “precautionary” steps to ensure UK oil rigs are not vulnerable to interference after drones were spotted near Norwegian rigs and the Nord Stream pipelines were damaged.Executives in the energy industry are coordinating efforts with government agencies to assess secu (...) mehr ...

CNN World 22.09.2022 (11 Tage)
World's longest underwater tunnel will link two countries
Descending up to 40 meters beneath the Baltic Sea, the world's longest immersed tunnel will link Denmark and Germany, slashing journey times between the two countries when it opens in 2029. mehr ...

CNN Europe 25.08.2022 (39 Tage)
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